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  • Firefighting
  • Tank filling
  • Irrigation
  • Garden watering
  • Water transfer
  • Crop spraying

WHY CHOOSE THE Davey Firefighter® Diesel Powered Self Priming Pumps?

The 5248Y has been specially designed with patented impeller inserts to provide high head performance at 3600rpm while still able to operate across the full pump curve without overloading the engine.

In fact, the maximum power usage of the pump end has been limited to ensure the engine has significant power reserves.
In the event of adverse environmental conditions, such as extremes of temperature, altitude and/or humidity, power reserves are vital for the continued reliable operation of the engine.

Power reserve is very important in the event of bush or wildfire, where engine power reserves may be required for the safe and reliable operation of the pump unit.

  • The 5248Y features Davey’s unique and patented clamped impeller design to enable longer impeller life, improved performance and easier disassembly in the case of blockage.

  • Published performance data actually shows real pump performance, which is regularly checked by Davey’s ISO9001 accredited QA department.

  • Thrust balanced impeller design to extend engine life.

  • Pump casing, diffusers and impellers manufactured from quality corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium for long life.

  • 4 way discharge port providing easy installation with a choice of plumbing sizes.

  • Epoxy coated pump casing, exterior and interior, for added corrosion resistance.

  • Patented floating impeller neckrings front and back. The front neckring helps improve pumping efficiency, the back neckring helps extend seal life and dramatically reduce engine wear.

  • Self priming from up to 7 metres at 3600rpm for more versatile installation options.

  • Large priming and drain port with bayonet fit plugs. Plugs have a safety retention system and are available with 1/4" tapping to accept pressure gauges or drain cocks.

  • All engines feature cast iron cylinder bore for long life.

  • Viton seal and O ring kit available for herbicide/insecticide spraying.

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